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Back Home!!!

Finally, I’m home!!!!!!

Phew, some traffic huh? Welcome to Jakarta … the place where patience is needed the most!! Hahahaha.

First menu: Nasi+Empal Goreng+Tempe+Tahu+Sambel Terasi (Mmmm .. yummmy). Damn it taste good!!

Mmm, sorry. Gotta go! Still looking for another kind of Indonesian food … mmm, I missed them! Continue reading Back Home!!!

School Visit

Today we ended the course program.

School visit is the last program of the course. Today we just played with elementary children. They are very nice. Even they’re only 7-10 years old, they are smart, energic, and clever.

We all give presentation about our country and ourself. And they asked us to play with them. We spend 3 hours playing with them. And in the end, we had lunch together. Hmp, alas! It’s ramadhan, so I just sit there watching them eating their lunch. 🙁 But, during their lunch, I gave explanation about why Moeslem is fasting. And they were surprise and amaze. And they make a lot of question about ramadhan and fasting … I can barely answer all of the questions. Fortunately, my coordinator was helping me translating to them. Phew! That was unbelievable …. hahahaha.

After saying ja mata to them, we then head back to OIC. It’s a new experience for me facing those nice kids. 🙂

And now, I have to prepare thank you speech for tomorrow closing ceremony. Gotta prepare now! Continue reading School Visit

Workshop Finished!

Today we conclude our workshop. We also had an open demonstration, and all done well. The instructors gave us a good compliment. “Great job guys!!”, they said.

Workshop is ended, and tomorrow we will have final test. We have to prepare …. or not. Let us just see 2morrow.

Ok, gotta wrap it up now … Jakarta cu in the couple of days now … 🙂 Continue reading Workshop Finished!