Designing Logo


Yes, we almost finished the coding. During the break time, we design our company logo for the software.

Btw, at this moment we develop an electronic procurement system. “e-Tandy” is the name. A lot of work to develop such system. But now it is almost ready.

Test cases will be conducted around Monday or Tuesday. Uh, hope there will be less bugs. Just cross our finger on that day. Continue reading Designing Logo

Web Translator Tool

Do you know that if you have PDA with wifi capability, you can speak to everyone in this world? Try They have web translator tool for your needs

In Japan, they provide wireless connectivity in some of the computer store/cafe/hotel. So, if you have any difficulties speaking to the store employe or someone, just use your wifi PDA, and connect to altavista website. I have an XP having difficulty talking with them, and I use the website tools to “talk” to them. So we just write some questions and the website tool will translate it into japanese characters so they can read it. It’s maybe little annoying, but it really helps.

It support some other difficult language. So, whenever or wherever you’re lost, dont forget your wifi pda and the website tool …. Continue reading Web Translator Tool


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